Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Our festivities started on Friday, we took the kids to see the "Wiggles." Morgan loves the "Wiggles" she is always walking around singing their songs and multiple times a day she will say "I NEED to watch the wiggle." David was even having a blast, He was jumping and clapping along! Jared and I had a good time just watching the kids.

On Saturday morning, a family in our ward had an Easter get together. The kids got to hunt for eggs. Morgan was having a ball searching for the eggs. The Easter bunny was there getting pictures with all the kids, Morgan wasn't so sure about getting anywhere near the bunny. David was content with whatever, he doesn't care who's holding him or whats going on as long as he has something to suck on.
In the afternoon while the kids were down for their naps, Jared and I took the time to organize our new Office/Craft room. We got some new file cabinets, book case and drawers for all of our stuff. Its finally starting to come together.

Saturday night we had a babysitter, and Jared and I went to some friends and played games. It was a much needed break on my part to not have to put kids to bed or dealing with tantrums. It was 5 hours of complete bliss!
Today was a pretty usual Sabbath, we didn't do anything to special. We would have loved to be with some family, but seeing how that wasn't an option we just took it easy.

We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.