Wednesday, February 22, 2012


David has amazed me the past couple of weeks. He has suddenly discovered how much he loves to color and draw. My mom let him borrow a book that shows you step by step how to draw different things, he didn't put it down for days. He drew everything in the entire book. His attention and ability for drawing, coloring and tracing, is way beyond that of your average 4 year old. He has such attention for the little details. He spends most of his day, every day coloring and drawing, and he is perfectly happy. I may have my own little DaVinci on my hands!

Birthday Party!

For Morgan's Birthday Party, we did a Circus/carnival theme. It was a lot of fun! She invited her school class. They played circus style games; Pin the nose of the clown, ring pop walk, and a couple of games involving balloons. The had a good time. Of course my camera died before I even took any pictures of the kids.

This awesome cake was made by my very talented Sister-in-law. She makes some seriously awesome cakes. Thanks Jenn it was awesome and it was sooo yummy!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Six years ago today, my life changed, and would never be the same. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She has changed my life in every way possible. She has given my life meaning. She has been the reason for so many smiles and so many tears. She has been the reason for so many soft spoken works of love and loudly spoken words of frustration. She has been the source of many hugs and kisses and also the source of many a stinky diapers and big messes. I wouldn't have it any other way. She is so sweet, loving a kind. She has made me a better person. Happy Birthday to my first born, my baby girl Morgan.Here are 6 facts about Morgan

1. She is a super good reader. She is reading on a 1st/2nd grade reading level.

2. She is like her mother in that she always want to be gone (not at home) doing things.

3. She is very social, she is a leader among her friends.

4. She has a very shy streak in her.

5. Morgan loves playing with friends, playing games on the computer, coloring, and playing with her Polly pockets.

6. Morgan is a very smart girl, and catches on to new things very quickly.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Potty Training

Well, I finally decided to tackle the potty training with child #3. I hate potty training! I hate cleaning up messy pants, I hate not being able to go anywhere because you don't want to have an "accident" in public, I hate having to remind them every 15 minutes to use the potty, But I LOVE the end result. Diapers are SO expensive, and we have been going through a jumbo size pack a week with 2 kids in diapers. Sierra has been doing awesome the last 2 weeks. She is averaging 1 "accident" a week, that I can handle. She is so proud of herself every time she goes in the potty, she gets this look on her face like "I'm so awesome, I just used the potty." Hooray for big girl underwear!!!!!

Some other things about Sierra

*She loves going to Nursery

*She loves to color. I will find her in the toy room just coloring to her hearts content.

*She loves stories

*She has cut her own hair twice, right in the front. It's starting to grow back now so it kinda looks like bad bangs.

*She is very independent, wont do anything unless its her idea.

*She is so funny. She has her own little personality, and always keeps us laughing. She is such a mimic. Better watch out what you do, because She'll be doing it too before you know it!

My morning buddy

Jacob likes to hang out with me in the mornings while I'm getting ready. This is his special place, right here in the sink. He loves it, and I love having a morning buddy :)

We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.