Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Lately I have gone a little crafting crazy. I got out all my baby girl clothes and made bows to coordinate. Here are some of my most recent ones.

This better really be a girl because I have spent a lot of time and money getting things ready for her!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

California Trip

Sunday: Drive, drive, drive. Spend the night right outside of Las Vegas.
Monday: Drive, Get to the Hotel, get settled in, check out the resort, and go to bed.
( This is the resort we stayed at, it was absolutely beautiful)
Tuesday: Universal studios, lots of walking, short lines, rides, 3D movies, pictures, sunshine, Pickup Jared from the airport, reunite with my husband I hadn't seen for two weeks, see that he is in much need of some grooming, shopping. Wednesday: Go for a walk along the beach, more sunshine, Hang out at the pool, work on my tan, play some billiards, shopping, read, and relax.

(Jared's idea of getting a tan)'

Thursday: Explore the beach, find a cave, find treasures (seashells, a baseball mitt and a rope), go swimming at the pool, shopping, soak up the sun, watch movies.

Friday: Disneyland, rides, lots of pictures, 2 hour line to see the princesses, lots of sun, long lines, and lots of characters.

Saturday: Morning at the beach, soaking up the sun, digging a big holes in the sand for my belly so I can lay on my stomach, California Adventures, REALLY long lines, HOT weather, shopping, and more sun.

Sunday: Drive, drive, drive, make it back to my parents house and the FREEZING cold weather, and see my two little munchkins
(One last look at the beautiful view)
The perfect end to a perfect week!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

It's a . . . . .

. . . . . GIRL!!! I went to my ultrasound appointment today and found out I'm having a girl. I am very excited. I told Morgan that she was going to have a little sister and I asked her what she thought we should name her, She suggested "Pink" or "Snow White." They are both such lovely names, which one would you choose?

We are all looking forward to having another girl around here, as if there aren't enough emotion floating around already. So bring on the ribbons and bows because I am READY!!!

Isn't it sweet? Looking at my precious baby makes me VERY excited to meet her. 5 months down 4 to go.

Utah Trip

Okay I'm going to try and condense this trip as much as possible, because I have so much to blog about and so little time to do it.

While we were in Utah, the weather was BEAUTIFUL. For almost 2 weeks it was in the upper 60's. We spent a lot of time playing at different parks, playing in the sandbox, and going for walks.

My sister and her family were in the middle of moving, so they were staying at my parent's house for a week while we were there. The kids got a lot of cousin time.

We even got to go to a couple museums. There was this really AWESOME one in Ogden called the "Tree House Museum" I remember going there as a kids, but it was nothing like it is now. We were there for 4 hours and still didn't do/see all of it.

And we got to meet the President of the United States. He even let the kids sit at his desk, while he stood there and smiled!
We had a BBQ and an Easter Egg hunt to end the week.

Then I left the kids and headed for California, . . . . . .

We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.