Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Our winter wonders

I know I haven't done any post about decorating our Christmas tree, or going sledding, or going to some Christmas festival. That is because we haven't done any of it. We are not decorating this year due to a certain toddler that loves to get into EVERYTHING. I decided it's not worth the hassle of following him around keeping him our of the tree and what not. Not to mention we aren't ever going to be here for the holiday. We did however attempt to attend the Santa Parade and tree lighting ceremony in Auburn. We got there right as the parade ended, so we head back to the car and start driving to then realize they were doing the tree lighting down the street. By the time we got parked and walked down there we had just missed that too. We decided to go to the mall instead and let the kids sit on Santa's lap. When we got there, Santa was no where to be found. We went home unsuccessful and a little disappointed. 
It snowed on Saturday night about an inch and a half. We got a call Sunday morning saying that church had been cancelled due to the snow. There was however a lot of ice, which I think was the real concern, but I have never heard of church being cancelled before I moved to this wonderful state. In Utah we slip and slide through a foot of snow and a blizzard to go to church :)
Jared recently put in a new fire place unit. We have been using it to heat the house during the day and the heater at night. On Sunday, it was about about 20 degrees. So of course the fan on the fire place stopped working. No problem we can just turn on the heater, . . NOT the heater died that very same day.  What are the odd, I mean really? We have space heaters in the kids rooms so they are taken care of. I wake up this morning at six to find that it's a shocking 48 degrees in my house. We rush to the store and buy a few more space heaters. By about 1:00 pm it was warm enough to function. Luckily for a Heaven Sent ward member/friend, we were able to get a heater bought and installed this evening and we are now nice and toasty. 

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Friday, December 5, 2008

Kids, are just too funny!

Here are some of the funny things that Morgan has said lately,. . .

Morgan: Lets go in the back yard.
Me: Why?
Morgan: Because it is so beautiful!

Yesterday we were sitting in the living room
Morgan: Mom are you pafetic (pathetic)?
Jared: No mom's not pathetic
Morgan: Yes she is pafetic, Mom is pafetic.
Thanks Morgan for the boost of confidence.

The other day Morgan had some friends over, she turns to her friend and says "My butt is so huge!"

I said to Morgan, "Lets go play in your room" to which so replies "Not you mom, just the kids"

Morgan is constantly saying and doing things to make me laugh. The other day I had a friend and her little boy over. The kids were outside playing, while me and Heather were in the house visiting. We could see the kids through the glass door. First Morgan grabs David by the feet, so he's practically hanging upside down, rips of his socks, drops him down, and throws the socks inside. What would we do without Morgan to protect Davids sock from getting wet? Then a little while later Morgan all the sudden comes running in the house Stark Naked! I sat there a slightly shocked, not knowing what to say, all I could do was laugh.

Monday, December 1, 2008

"Don't cry over spilt milk"

What if it's the whole gallon, then is it okay?

We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.