Sunday, July 20, 2008

Girls Camp

This past week I was at girls camp with my ward. They asked me to go because they didn't have enough leaders. We went to camp Zerahemla, it is a church owned camp site, located about 2 hours from here. The Leaders

We did all kinds of activities, such as volleyball, archery, singing camp songs, flinging paintballs with sling shots, eating smores, necklace making, and much more!We had a chubby bunny contest, which I won! 16 BIG marshmellows.

On the second day Me and Amy, one of the leaders, went running. we went about 3 miles away from camp, and on our way back, I saw something up ahead on the side of the road. At first I thought it was a cow but as we got closer I realized it was a Bear! A BEAR! We stopped dead in our tracks. Not knowing what to do, we just stand there staring at it, and it was just standing there staring back at us. As I stood there, the only thought going through my head was, "Man I sure wish I had my camera right now." It could have been a very scary situation and my thought were about getting a picture. After a few minutes, the bear decided we were harmless and he wondered off into the forest, and we continued on our run!
Our camp was infested with chipmunks. They were out of control, and to those of you who don't know, I am terrified of chipmunks. So I was taking a nap in my tent, when I suddenly awoke to a chipmunk running acrossed my back. Then the next morning the other leader (lynzie Bateman), woke up to one running right across her face. The chipmunks were scarier then the Bear!
Here is the group
I had a good time, it was a nice break from husband and kids, but I am glad to be home!


Heather and Scott said...

Wow you saw a bear. I would be really scared. It sounds like you had fun at girls camp. I want a break like that. Girls camp is fun times!

Peggy said...

I went to girls camp the past two years and I am so glad to not have a "break like that" using Heather's words. I hate bears, chipmunks AND marshmallows! But I got to help Katie with her Dallas girls camp since she has the same calling I had the last two years. (Stake Girls Camp Assistant.)Oh, and they asked me to write the theme song for our girls camp which is next week. Fun, fun, fun.

Miriam, Ryan, and Milly said...

KAYLA! Your soo funny...Remember those baby chipmunks we found in rexburg...what the I thought you liked him?? HA! Anyways you amaze me, can I just tell you that. I feel like I barely have time to breath let alone run 29 miles!!! hehe! But really your awesome!

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