Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Big Fat Stump

We have had this HUGE stump in our yard. Since the day we moved in Jared has been wanting to remove it. He has been chopping away with his ax for the past year. Finally he got some guys together to help him take it out. Here they are hard at work, taking down the fence and clearing the ground. Making way for. . . . . The "Big Guy!"

Here are big boys playing with their toys. You think they are hard at work, but really they are just playing, having the time of their life. (It's funny David has that same toy tractor. Boys never grow out of their toys, they still do the same things, the toys just get bigger and more expensive.)

And this is my lawn, being completely destroyed. You say, Oh its just a little hole. Well my friends, this is just the beginning!
Finally after LOTS of digging you have. . . .

A very stubborn stump and . . . . Two very proud and very BUFF men!
What would the world be like without men? One thing is for certain it would be much cleaner!

Not only is my yard nothing but a pile of dirt (soon to be mud, because lets face it, we live in Washington!) My carpet has big giant shoe print in a trail down the hall. Men, what would we do without them? (Thanks babe for all your hard work, I love ya!)


Page Posse said...

To cute! But yes if you have men you have dirt! Just like if you have kids you have NOISE!

aubony, lars and the girls said...

Wow! That is a huge stump. Jared's probably glad to have that job done.

Peggy said...

Like digging out a big molar... Lee would have loved to help with that project!

Ruth and Steve said...

Hey Kayla, I tag you. Post your 8 by 8.
I totaly agree with the "boys never grow out of their toys they only get more expensive" bit, Steve is the same way. Only he loves electronics.

We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.