Friday, October 3, 2008

"Clean up on isle 2"

This afternoon I was running errands, I drug the kids to a couple different stores. We were in Target, our final stop before home. I was pushing the cart down the isle, when suddenly I noticed my cart was leaking. I look up to find Morgan with a look on her face that says "ah oh!" Yeah ah oh is right. So all sorts of thoughts are running through my head like, do I grab her and run and try and find a bathroom, or do I just stand here and wait? . . . I just stood there waiting for her to finish, watching as her shoes fill up, silently praying that no one will walk by. It seemed to go FOREVER!. Finally when she finished her business I push the cart as fast as I can out of the store (without looking to obvious), once again praying that no one with notice that Morgan is drenched or that the cart is dripping. I walk past a cashier as I'm leaving and politely say "clean up on isle 2." By the time we get outside both of the kids are crying and I'm trying to get them to the car, when a sweet lady ask me if I could use some help, . . I thought to myself , do I look like I need help? Did she notice that Morgan is drenched in her own urine, or is it simply the fact that I'm trying to carry (almost dropping) two screaming kids?
That was my adventure of the day. It was a little stressful at the time, but someday I'm sure I will look back and laugh! I guess next time Morgan tells me she needs to go potty, I'll be sure and take her to the potty, RIGHT THEN!


Reese said...

Ah, the joys of motherhood. I think each of my kids has done something of that nature at some point. Sometimes I worry that I have gotten so used to the smell of urine lurking around that it doesn't phase me enough. Gross! You will make it through and it will probably happen many more times.

Heather and Scott said...

It sure can be shopping with two kids and potty stress on top of them. I am glad it was you and not me. He he he !

Louise said...

When Suzie was little and just in the process of being potty trained, she went with her dad to a store. Somehow she got away from her day and he started searching each aisle for her. Down one aisle he found her shoes. The next he found her pants, then her top. When he finally caught up with her she was stark naked. Oh what fun little ones can be.

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