Monday, October 27, 2008

Kids Say/Do the Darndest Things

I just wanted to share some of our recent pictures and video clips. These are some of my favorite, they really make me smile :)

These are my baby Mozarts. They are great musician, not to mention their incredible fashion sense.

I was folding laundry and I went to get the next towel out of the dryer and this is what I found!

Morgan doing her "workout" for the day, Pilates. When she got done doing her Pilates she went into my room and put my running shirt on and said to me "I'm going running, can you watch the kids?"
Morgan loaded up her toy truck and said "I'm going to grandma's house" I looked to see what she had packed in her truck. You can bet she only had the the essentials, brown sugar and a few snack packs!

The other night David was a little wired for some reason. He started playing with a measuring tape. He would pull it out then squint his eyes (just in case it hit him) and let go, then laugh. It was so cute. It kept him and me entertained for at least 20 minutes, which is pretty amazing for David.

And last is Sweet Morgan and her PRECIOUS smile!

These kids make me so happy. They really are my pride and joy!


Heather and Scott said...

Desiree loved looking at the movie clips and pictures of her cousins. She is like why is David in the dryer? Why is he doing that. She likes to see her cousins. Keep the pics coming!

AndersonFamily3 said...

Your kids are so cute Kayla!

Kristine Bunting said...

Those videos are so hilarious! you should seriously send those to America's funniest home video's! CUTE KIDS! you make me want to have some. . . and then I see one screaming their head off in the store and rethink the idea ;)

Ruth and Steve said...

Such cute memories. Hang on to these for future blackmail bait.

Halvorsen Family said...

The videos were hilarious, Kayla. I loved the part where Morgan "lovingly" takes the bench out from under David. I agree with your friend: these are AFV material.

We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.