Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Buddy

Last week we celebrated this little guys 2nd birthday. I am still in ah at how fast time flies. Every day I look at him expected to see a baby but realizing that he is no longer one. On his birthday we had to wait until Dad got home before he could open presents, Morgan was very anxious. The BIG hits were the duplo's (from Grandma S.) and the tricycle. He didn't even want to stop playing to come for cake and ice cream. It has now been a week and they are still getting played with. Both morgan and David can peddle the trike all by themselves, and they are very proud of that fact!

David is such a sweet little guy to have around. He is the peace maker of the family. Any time Morgan throws a fit because he has something she wants, he will gladly sacrifice it for her. He is always looking out for everyone. The other night we went on a walk and Jared, Morgan and David all ran ahead, he kept running back to me and would grab my hand and say "mon mom." He was making sure I was okay and not being left behind. I don't know what I would do without little David to keep everyone happy and smiling!

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