Monday, April 28, 2008

Out with the old, In with the new!

I swore when I got married that I would never own/drive a mini-van. Having kids must do something to your brain, because I am now the owner/driver of a mini-van. We spent the day at the car dealership, where we traded in my audi for my honda odyssey. I saw a side of Jared today that I had never seen. He knows how to get what he wants! He told the salesman how much he would pay for the van and he wouldn't budge. The salesman was so proud when he told us he would give it to us for 200 more than what Jared had said, until Jared told him it was my way or the highway and we got it for the price jared set. Way to go Jared!!!
While we were there waiting for all the paper work and such, Morgan was running around playing with the toys they had in the waiting room. She was running to go get something and ran right into the glass door. I tried hard not to laugh but my efforts were in vain. It was something you would expect to see in tommy boy!


Peggy said...

Hey there, you mini-van-drivin'-momma! Kids have a way of changing your plans, don't they?

The Staub Squad said...

Love the blog Kayla!! My sister-in-law has an Odyssey and loves it so much she could live in it. They are so roomy and nice, happy driving.

Brandon & Natalie said...

You are ALWAYS welcome to read my blog, that's what it's there for:) The kids had so much fun yesterday, Dillon talked about the park all night!

Sharese said...

Mini-vans are so underrated! I loved mine but sadly now we cannot all fit due to carpools and our growing family. Enjoy yours, it looks really nice!

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