Thursday, May 15, 2008

Double Trouble!

David is 10 months old and unstoppable. He has been walking for over a month. He is very mobile, which mean twice as much stuff makes it in his mouth. We can't leave anything out or it will end up in Davids mouth. Rocks, mud and leaves seem to be the favorite.
Morgan and David are now a team! Morgan is the culprit. She opens the front door, and David makes a mad dash outside. Now they are on the deck, which is fenced in, but they don' t stop there. Next Morgan opens the gate and David is right there waiting to escape. They head down the stairs.

Of course David goes down face first.

Morgan being deathly afraid of moving cars, which is wonderful, will only make it to the grass. David who is completely fearless is now headed for the road.

It's wonderful that they are now at the stage when they can play together, but that also mean they make trouble together, DOUBLE TROUBLE!

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