Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day!

This is to my wonderful mother! She has been such a wonderful example to me throughout my life. She has taught me how to be a mother. She showed me by example how to live and love the gospel, and to serve in the church. She along with my dad have given me a great desire and love for reading and learning. She has so much compassion and love for her family and those around her. My mother is the worlds greatest mother, and I am so greatful to her for always loving and teaching me to be my very best self! Thanks mom I love you!

And to my wonderful mother-in-law. She has been such a great example to me. She has showed me what it means to work hard. She has so much energy and strength. She is completely dedicated to her husband and it shows in all she does. She has such a love for the gospel and is trying to convert people everywhere she goes! Thanks for being such a wonderful mother! I love you!

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