Thursday, April 9, 2009

California Trip

Sunday: Drive, drive, drive. Spend the night right outside of Las Vegas.
Monday: Drive, Get to the Hotel, get settled in, check out the resort, and go to bed.
( This is the resort we stayed at, it was absolutely beautiful)
Tuesday: Universal studios, lots of walking, short lines, rides, 3D movies, pictures, sunshine, Pickup Jared from the airport, reunite with my husband I hadn't seen for two weeks, see that he is in much need of some grooming, shopping. Wednesday: Go for a walk along the beach, more sunshine, Hang out at the pool, work on my tan, play some billiards, shopping, read, and relax.

(Jared's idea of getting a tan)'

Thursday: Explore the beach, find a cave, find treasures (seashells, a baseball mitt and a rope), go swimming at the pool, shopping, soak up the sun, watch movies.

Friday: Disneyland, rides, lots of pictures, 2 hour line to see the princesses, lots of sun, long lines, and lots of characters.

Saturday: Morning at the beach, soaking up the sun, digging a big holes in the sand for my belly so I can lay on my stomach, California Adventures, REALLY long lines, HOT weather, shopping, and more sun.

Sunday: Drive, drive, drive, make it back to my parents house and the FREEZING cold weather, and see my two little munchkins
(One last look at the beautiful view)
The perfect end to a perfect week!!!


Heather and Scott said...

How fun! I am sure it was a much needed break! Cute pics!

Ruth and Steve said...

'Bout time! Ha, ha. Thanks for updating us on your trip. Sounds like it was very busy, but lots of fun too.

Lydja said...

Wow, a trip without your kids. How fun! It sounds like you guys had a very fun time.

Idaho Stoker Family said...

Wow who are those amazingly good looking girls with brown and strawberry blonde hair? They are pretty hot :)

Miriam, Ryan, and Milly said...

I'm glad you had a lot of fun! It was really great to get to see you too! And again, your like he cutest prego mommy ever!!!

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