Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Remember when life was simple?
Yesterday was mine and Jared's three year anniversary. How time flies. Who would have guess what those 3 years would bring.
-6 moves
-3 jobs
-2 kids
-Many hours spent at the doctors office
-Fat tummy
-Stretch marks
-Early Mornings
-Late nights
-snotty noses
-stinky diapers
-Sleepless nights
-Temper tantrums
-Endless tears (from both me and the kids)
-A full time job of keeping up on the cleaning and laundry
-A home based business (That requires many long hours on both mine and Jared's part)
-Many church callings
-A mortgage
-Backaches, headaches, Side aches and any other kind of ache you can think of.
But along with all the aches, pains and frustrations, has come more laughs, kisses, hugs and love then I ever thought possible. It has been an emotional roller coaster, but a wonderful ride!


Brandon & Natalie said...

I LOVE this post, it's so true:) Isn't life grand... Isn't it amazing how much can change in 3 very short years!

Sharese said...

This is a cute post-I wish we could be closer to you guys! Happy Anniversary!

We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.